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At Lifetime Windows and Siding, we have chosen to work with only the best manufacturers to ensure that we give our Denver, Colorado clients the highest-quality windows and siding. After all, you’re more than just customers, you’re our neighbors.

One way we ensure we are working with the best manufacturers is that we only offer windows and siding that are covered by the manufacturers with lifetime warranties.

What Is a Lifetime Warranty?

In many cases, you may read about lifetime warranties that don’t mean what they say. However, the lifetime warranties we offer mean just what they say. For single-family homes, the warranty lasts as long as you live in the house. And if you sell the house, the warranty may last another 25-50 years for the new owner.

With that kind of warranty backing up your new siding and windows, the additions to your home comprise a genuine addition to the home’s value for anyone looking to buy it, because they know that they, too, will have decades of worry-free service from their windows and siding.

We Strengthen Your Warranty

One thing these lifetime warranties don’t cover is damage to the siding or windows due to poor installation. However, that’s where we step in. Our service guarantee protects you from any problems with your windows or siding due to any mistakes on our part.

In fact, we personally offer a 100% No Questions Asked Unlimited Parts and Labor Warranty. You will never pay anything for any part, service, or labor associated with your windows or siding as long as you own your home, including accident glass breakage.

Want to learn more about our warranties? Please contact Lifetime Windows and Siding today for more information.

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