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Lifetime Windows and Siding is excited to announce that we are in the process of giving back to our community and helping a cause that we feel is very important. We at Lifetime Windows and Siding love our clients and love helping people get energy efficient home-improvements.

Sometimes we take our freedom and daily life here in Colorado for granted with all the mountains, music venues, restaurants and wildlife it has to offer. It is thanks to the men and women in uniform that we can live our lives in peace here in the US. Lifetime Windows has grown quickly as one of the most reputable window, siding and paint contractors in the Denver Metro Area and has realized great success.

This is the reason that we (Peter and Jason) the owners of Lifetime Windows and Siding have been looking for an organization or charity to join to help people in need. We found our organization at a Pella window expo at the Denver University hockey arena a few months back where Homes for our Troops had a small booth. We both knew immediately that this was a perfect fit for Lifetime. We contacted Homes for our troops’ office in Taunton, Massachusetts and got in contact with their Construction Manager Joe Taveira who is also LEED AP certified which means he is an expert in building energy efficient homes. Lifetime learned from Mr. Taveira about an upcoming project in Elisabeth, Colorado where a disabled soldier is in need of a handicap accessible and energy efficient home.

Working with Homes For Our Troops, Lifetime was quick to take on the energy efficient window part of the project. Lifetime Windows, in partnership with our window manufacturer, Alside, quickly ordered a house full of high-end, insulated, triple pane windows for Sgt. Benson who had to have both of his legs amputated due to an IED attack in Iraq, 2005.

We at Lifetime wanted to give back big time and not just order the minimally required windows. Mr. Benson deserves our highest end product and we are very thankful for his commitment to serve our country and this is the least we could to for Mr. Benson. We are looking forward to being a part of Homes For Our Troops’ building brigade June17-19. Please contact Lifetime Windows and Siding if you’d like to join us during this weekend as a volunteer. Lifetime’s entire staff will be there installing our windows and helping out in any way we can to build Mr. Benson’s new home.

Sincerely, Peter Svedin and Jason Lewis

On June 20th, Lifetime Windows and Siding donated and installed a full house-worth of triple pane windows for Sgt. Benson and his family. We had a great time meeting Mr. Benson and were honored to be a part of this project. Here is a short video we put together which includes some photos of the building brigade.

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